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The user may exercise his rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in writing, accompanied by a copy of his ID document, addressed to the organisation responsible for the file, sent to the address indicated below:

- Paraty Hoteles SL | Avenida Manuel Fraga Iribarne, 15 Portal 4, 1ª Planta - 29620 Torremolinos - Málaga España
- HOTÉIS VIANENSES SOC. HOTELEIRA, LDA | Avenida Afonso III, nº180, 4900-477 Viana do Castelo | 501 839 550



All information on the Site and the Services, and all data and information compiled by the company and associated to them (such as data files, written text, Software, music, audio files and other sound, photographs, videos or other images) to which the User has access as part of the Services or by using the Services, are deemed property of the company (or of an entity of the company or a third party, when duly identified). The User may not modify, let, lend, borrow, sell, distribute, or create a derivative work based on the referred contents (partial or total), unless with express consent from the company or a third party holder of the respective intellectual property and personality rights.

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Brands and related material

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The company grants the User a personal, worldwide, free of charge, non transmissible and non exclusive license to use the reservations interface made available in the Site as part of the supplied Services (“Software”). This license has the purpose of allowing for the use and enjoyment of the reservation service as it is made available in the Site, and under the provisions of the Terms of Use.

The User may not, and may not allow any third parties to copy, modify, create a derivative work, reverse engineer, decompile, or, in any other way, try to extract the source code of the Software or any part of the Software, unless with express consent, or as foreseen by the applicable legislation, or if the User has been specifically authorized to do so, in writing, by the company. Unless the company has granted the User specific authorization, in writing, the User may not give (or sublicense) his/her/its rights to use the Software, neither may he/she/it grant his/her/its rights to use the Software as security nor, alternatively, transfer any part of his/her/its rights to use the Software.


The Privacy Policy is available in www.hotelraliviana.com. The policy has an explanation of the procedures adopted by the company and third parties rendering services through the Site, in the scope of the handling of the users’ personal data and the protection of their privacy when using the Site and the Services. You accept that the company will collect and handle your personal data under the terms of the Privacy Policy.



In case of conflicts between the Terms of Use and other specific provisions or specific terms and conditions on the Site concerning certain materials, those will prevail.

Exercising rights

The choice not to exercise any rights or provisions, as foreseen by the Terms of Use, by the company must not be deemed a waiver to such rights.


The Terms of Use are the entire agreement between the User and the company concerning the use and consultation of the Site and the Services, by the User, and regulate their use (excluding any Services that may be supplied by the company in the scope of a separate contract), fully replacing any previous agreements made between the User and the company concerning the Site and the Services.


Non validity, declared by judicial or arbitrary rulings, res judicata, of a provision of the Terms of Use, does not determine the non validity of the remaining provisions, and the company reserves the right to, if applicable, modify the Terms of Use in order to suppress the non valid character of the provision.


Any notifications and communications from the company to the User under the Terms of Use must, preferably, be sent to the e-mail or home addresses made available by the User on his User Account, without prejudice of the company’s ability to resort to other elements and contact methods.

Any notices, communications and complaints from the User must be sent, preferably, to the e-mail reservas@hotelraliviana.com .


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